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H's history in detail 2
"Auntie Aaos!" A young kitsune boy exclaimed, running to a long green lamia. "I missed you! Udah taught me how to manipulate fire last month. It only works when I'm a boy, though."
Aaos groaned, "I just wish you weren't in the care of some wizard, Hakura."
"But Udah is great!" Hakura replied, "He's encouraging, teaches me more than just magic, and he says I'll be able to choose a gender when I'm ready, too!"
Aaos nodded, "Yes, I know. But still, I wish we had found a mage or something else, like a djinni."
A wizard came down the stairs, he wore purple robes and, right now, no shoes, "Is that you, Aaos?" he asked, "Yes. I'd know you anywhere."
"Hello, Udah," Aaos said, "I came to take Hakura out for something. Never leaving your crazy home is like never leaving an insane asylum."
"I resent that insinuation!" Udah exclaimed, "I am not crazy!"
Hakura knew that they were going to get into a shouting match soon, so he exit the building so that Aaos wouldn't lose control of her instincts lik
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Udah bio
Name: Udah
Age: 306, but appears to be little older than 25
Hair: Smooth grey
Eyes: Red
Skintone: Pale
Height: 6'2"
Weight: unknown
Likes: His apprentice(H), flying, fire, potionmaking, experimentation, etc.
Dislikes: His nephew(Gyen), ice dragons, necromancers, etc.
Brief history: When Udah was a small child, an ice dragon devoured his parents in front of him. The dragon had then turned to him, licking his lips. As the dragon came down to eat him, a fire dragon flew down and tackled the ice dragon. Udah did not see what was hapening, as he was cowering, hiding his head under his arms. During the battle, one of the dragon's tails hit him, knocking him unconsious. He woke up in the fire dragon's claws, flying into a cave. He later met a wizard, and trained under her for 300 years, before she died giving birth to his child, who also did not survive. This is when he met the kitsunes and Aaos.
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H's history in detail1
"Push, honey!" a male kitsune was shouting out, "We can get him out!"
"Shut up! I know that, it just hurts!" a female voice called back, "And it might not be a boy!"
The male sighed, "All right, we agreed an names for if it is a boy or it's a girl, right?"
The female responded with a scream, followed by, "Yes, Hitomi if it's a girl, Hakura if it's a boy."
Then all was calm, "Lai, are you all right?" the male asked.
"Yes, Shi'ip, I'm fine," the female responded, "Is it a boy, doctor?"
A female voice that sounded almost like a snake responded, "No... It's not a boy, misssss."
"Then it's a girl, Aaos?" Shi'ip asked.
"No," the snake-like voice came again.
Udah was listening from the hall as the shocked reply from the female kitsune came, "At least their child survived," he said, "And so did she."
Aaos sighed, "Lissssten to me, Lai. It may be neither male nor female, but then again, it sssurvived at lessss than a 40% chanccce of sssurvival."
Lai nodded, "Yes, but maybe we can find some sort
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This is a gender-changing character. Male; his name is Hakura. Female; her name is Hitomi.
Race; Kitsune
Age; 21
Hair: Red
Abilities; shapeshifter, able to produce fire(male), able to reappear after acidic effects, such as digestion, vats of chemicals, incineration etc.(female), able to produce ice, very athletic.
Likes(male); vore(particularly when he's pred), fire, snow, flying, his pet python(given longer life than most), the wizard that raised him, and giving him chocolate will make you his best friend. He also likes macro potions and computers.
Likes(female); vore(particularly when she's prey), her soft hair, her pet ball python, the wizard that raised her, tricking rapists with gender changing abilities, micro potions, computers, her pocketknife collection.
Dislikes(male); getting eaten, yaoi, yuri, the taste of clothing, when you take his chocolate, cranberries, raisins, and sour pudding.
Dislikes(female); fire, heights, wolves, when you take her knives, yaoi, yuri, wearing too
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